Monday, December 7, 2009

Copa KLN 2 is over!!

Copa KLN 2 has successfully ended on last Sunday. I think we did more than excellent job with what we have in our hands. Also all the KLN warriors showed tuff heart during the matches. Most of you are training less than few month and most of other fighters have longer experiences than you.

If you are motivated from the competition, lets train harder for next one!!

All the volunteers who did magnificent help, really x 2 thanks! Especially guys helped out to do referee, we are so appreciated of your support (The most stressful job in BJJ)!! Also, thanks to Hoin (AKA lover boy) for organising and running the event.

The official result is to be announced on coming Wed.
Here is quick results of KLN boys. (As far as I can remember)

Forrest (Proved he is the real punisher) : Blue belt Meio-pessado Champion
Matthew : Blue belt Medio Champion
Leo 1 : Blue belt galo Champion
Martin : White belt Meio-pessado 2nd place

** Sorry, I couldn't take pics of some guys due to running the event. If anyone have more photos, please send them to me.


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  1. Love the photo of the 'ankle-lock master', Matthew. Victory!!!