Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RTHK / TV interview

Thanks to Gus, RTHK TV program director showed his interest in shooting documentary at KLNBJJ. Starring American borned Chinese KungFu actor, Philip (sorry I dont know his sirname), he introduced this sports and our gym. Philip is a son of legendary KungFu master, and he himself is a earnest martial artist, unlike other Kungfu guys(?), he is very open-minded and has great understanding about BJJ/grappling and actually he is a good grappler!. For this documentary he will visit some other gyms like kickboxing/other kungfu
style and deilver his message about martial-arts to viewers. His movie will come soon (Autumn this year?) , and this TV program will be on air in June? this yeatr. check it out.
His character and attitude for martial arts is wonderful. Hope he will come to KLNBJJ again! and I do hope I can learn KungFu from him!!

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  1. Hey, it is great to hear that BJJ martial arts has arrived in Kowloon! Here in the west coast of US, MMA is widespread, thanks to our BJJ beginnings! There is big interest in Judo, JuJitsu, Wrestling, boxing......and when you put them all together........guess what you have.....MMA!

    Best of Luck!