Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Rules and Schedule Effective from 1st of July, 10

1. Longer sparring time
- Leaders, please structure your class within 1 hour and do 1 hour of position/normal sparring after each class. (Pls see the attachment)

2. Earlier start of the class
- If any of color belts are available to open during non-class hours or can come earlier than regular class time, please inform in the mail group and let other members know. (This is very welcome)

- Benefit of increasing fees (Main reason is increased rent)
Kowloon BJJ is a not for profit organization establish to promote "Grappling for All." Our aim is to keep fees as low as possible however
certain costs must be covered, All fees paid go towards paying for rent, utilities and other costs. No profit is made and all fees go back
into the maintenance and upkeep of the club. All accounts are open to scrutiny by gym members.

3. Fee payments
- Huge thanks to Matthew for sacrificing him self to do the worst job. Now he is KLN BJJ's official debit collector, please pay monthlies/drop in fees to the Ninja (1st week of each month)and get receipts from him. If you can not find him in the gym, look for Taki, Kei, Forrest, Adam or Hoin.

4. New time table
- Please see the attachment

5. New fee schedule
- Please see the attachment

BJJ is a young sport in Hong Kong, in order to promote BJJ among the female population we are offering a special rate and a special class for our female members.
Members are encouraged to TT for payment Accout: 817-0217-02001
Members are encouraged to prepay

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