Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Holiday Schedule

Easter Holiday Schedule

22nd APRIL FRIDAY     : 15:00PM~ open mat
23rd APRIL SATURDAY : 14:00PM~ kids class
                                           15:00PM~ open mat
24th APRIL SUNDAY     : United Jiujitsu BJJ tournament @ Kolwoon Park
25th APRIL MONDAY   : 15:00PM~ open mat
                                                (from 16:00PM~ Taiwan BJJ guys will join)

We don’t have much time till competition on Sunday, keep your condition well.
On 23rd APRIL (SAT) at open mat, guys who will compete on next day must not train hard.

I am proud of you guys who has been focused for the comp, I don’t think other gyms members trained hard like you. Result is not as important as process here, let’s enjoy competition.

Other guys who will not compete, please come to the venue to cheer them. Teamwork is the strength of KLNBJJ. 


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