Thursday, June 18, 2009



The venue of 'COPA DE IMPAKT' on coming Sunday 21st June changed.

New Venue : SCAA (South China Athletic Association)
South China Judo Club
Date : 21st June 2009
Weigh in : 13:00 PM
Start time : 14:00 PM

As the number of competitors increased more than expected (more than 60 people), so I requested SCAA (I was a Judo coach of SCAA before) to help and they agreed to let us use the venue just because of their friendship and goodwill to us.

Needless to say, we need to use the venue properly, never break or damage their property, make sure to clean up after use, never leave any litter, and please keep your eyes watch on other club members too. We must not give them any bad impression on jiujitsu. I need all of your guys` help.

Unlike last CopaDeHongkong1&2, I won`t spend much time for referee or management, because I want to cheer our members. You don`t need to be nervous. As I always said 'win or lose' is not a matter at all. Just enjoy games and show same moves as you did during practices.

Sad news, Hara-san, a.k.a. "Mr.WONDERFUL", will leave Hongkong to station at his company Tokyo office on 27th June. We will have a farewell dinner for him after the competition. Please everyone join. Forrest, please tell the punishers to join too.

Taki, Chores manager of KLNBJJ

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