Friday, March 19, 2010

The Kowloon BJJ Kid's Class!

Not too long ago, Kei, Taki, or someone had the idea to start an informal kids class at Kowloon BJJ on Saturdays before boxing and the open mat. This was mostly as a chance to give the children of current members a try at what 'daddy' so obsessively ran off to do in the evenings. Well, after nearly a year, the original core members are still around and we've even had promotions! Kei and Taki still graciously volunteer their time to lead out little group of 'young dragons', and the kids still continue to impress us. Our two 'kids class' leaders not only pass on effective but safe BJJ techniques to our young team, but also the importance of respect, teamwork, and friendship so inherent in the art.

Anyone interested is more than welcome to come by to observe or participate in any class without appointment. The class is held on Saturdays (except public holidays) from 2-3pm at Kowloon BJJ. For directions and further schedule information, please go to the Kowloon BJJ website

Support kids BJJ!

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  1. Thank you for posting this!!
    Excellent clip with good music.

    This is KLN BJJ.
    CUOTM, Porra!!!