Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marcio "the meatgrinder" Ming

Day in and day out. Week after week. There is one face one can always find on the mat (usually smashed flat by some color belt). Marcio "the meatgrinder" Ming's. Resilience, toughness, love of training, friends, family, all-things-Korean, and just overall punishment in general, define this man. A man's man. A whitebelt who keeps on coming back for more. Again returning to the mats, not afraid to take a serious whopping from a higher belt, or 8 or 9 specifically per round. He doesn't care. Because he knows that this is what it takes to truly learn BJJ. One must start at the bottom. The very bottom, and often the bottom of some purplebelt's knee, to rise respectfully up the ranks. And he has proven to us time and time again that he is willing to do this. So, don't give up, Marcio. Never give up. Because someday, you'll also get to proudly look down on some new whitebelt's face, fiery red and squirming in horrid, mind-bending pain from the overwhelming crushing power of your knee, and you will finally know what true happiness is. We guarantee it. Good Luck!

1 comment:

  1. Yes! He is the man. Mr. Never give up, everybody respect Marcio on the mat. But not in bars, haha~