Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Purple Belt

Last night Taki awarded Forrest his purple belt. With his wife and daughter in attendance and almost moved to tears Forrest thanked everyone for helping him acheive his purple,"I couldnt do it without you guys." Forrest got his purple after three years of hard training and winning the blue belt absolute in the Phillipines Pan Asia tournament. Forrest has dedicated himself to BJJ although having to commute over and hour each way to get to the gym. He is known in the gym for his physical strength, toriano pass and encyclopedic knowledge of BJJ. He started BJJ at somewhere near 90-100kg but has dedicated himself and cut down to 78kg at last weighing. Congradulations Forrest you are a inspiration to us all!

Yeah we take belt whipping seriously, look at the bald headed freak windup


  1. Like I said last night, grappling is a team effort, and every promotion is also a promotion for the team. Thanks to all my BJJ Brothers and Sisters! This one belongs to you just as much me. Osu!!!

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