Friday, July 23, 2010

COPA 5 Important Notice: Rules and Weights

Official IBJJF Rules will strictly be used for Copa Kowloon 5, with the exception of our special age divisions which have been posted previously. You can find a copy of all current IBJJF rules here:

Rules for Adult and Juniors 16-17 apply. Gi restrictions will not be quite as strict as major tournaments, but gi's must be kept within reasonable dimensions obviously.

Coaches will be responsible for disseminating rules to their competitors as well as being aware of any recent changes. The organizers will take no responsibility for coaches or competitors not being familiar with the rules. These include recent changes as implemented in the latest 2010 IBJJF Mundials as well. A brief post weigh in and pre-match rules meeting will be conducted to highlight any ambiguities and rules changes. BUT YOU STILL MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH THE GENERAL RULES. If you are a competitor and are unfamiliar with them, then please ask your coach to explain them. That is what they are for. So STUDY UP and fight hard! Good luck!

Also, for those new to competition jiu-jitsu, weight categories available for the upcoming COPA 5 can be found here listed in pounds and kilos. Only weights for adult male and female will apply. What weights divisions we will actually have, however, will be determined by the relative number of competitors after weigh ins. Good luck to all participants and coaches and train hard!

Kowloon BJJ Management

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