Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taki Won

Taki won gold in his weight category and silver in the absolute at the West Japan 2010, JJFJ tournament.

In his won words: " So the result was 1) Weight category Gold, 2) Absolute Silver. In my last match absolute final, there was no interval between the semi and final matches, I was so exausted that I was unable to hold my water bottle or stand up, it was like sunday sparring with Forrest after Frankie, Hoin, Matthew, Kei. The opponent in absolute final was same guy as weight category final. In the weight final I
submitted him by cruicifix armbar, but at the absolute final, he looked more vital than me, in the 1st half, I managed to get his back but could not hold it long because of no power, he slipped out and then my gas ended, later it was like punishment. I was like a dead fish. "

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