Monday, August 16, 2010

COPA 5 Hong Kong Results of 15 August, Western Park Sports Centre, Sheung Wan

Whitebelt Juniors Division

1. Max Leali-Versus Performance
2. Marco-Kowloon BJJ

1. Yan Lung-Kylin
2. Henry-Macau BJJ

Whitebelt Adult Division

1. Max Mak-Macau BJJ
2. Ryan-Kowloon BJJ
3. Yan-Kowloon BJJ

1. Adam Sinnott-Macau BJJ
2. John Ho Jo-Grips
3. Nick-Contact
3. Anson-Kowloon BJJ

1. Jacky Wong-Kowloon BJJ
2. Spencer-Kowloon BJJ
3. Paul Au-Kylin

1. Vince-Evolve
2. Klaus-Kowloon BJJ
3. Awa-Kowloon BJJ
3. Hoodle-Gracie Barra HK

1. Jay-Kowloon BJJ
2. Victor Chow-Kylin BJJ
3. John Kin Jok-Grips
3. Harrison-Gracie Barra HK

1. Derrick Kyle-Grips
2. James-Grips
3. Phil-Kowloon BJJ

Bluebelt Adult

1. Pravin-Contact
2. Cheng Kai Yan-HKJJ

1. Douglas Piet-Grips
2. Sebastian-Kowloon BJJ

1. Frankie-Kowloon BJJ
2. Matthew-Kowloon BJJ

1. John Skoyles-Grips
2. Henry Fougstedt-Kylin BJJ

Kowloon BJJ and the Copa 5 organizers would like to give a big round of applause to all competitors. All though at the time of the event, most may think differently, in the end winning or losing doesn't matter so much as the willingness to compete and support your team, and to do so with heart, determination and respect for ones opponents. By being willing to step on the mat, you not only serve to improve and give respect to yourself, but to the art of Jiu-jitsu as it is practiced today. Well done to all.

We would also like to cordially thank all participating teams and their coaches: Grips BJJ, Versus Performance Gym, Kylin BJJ, Macau BJJ, Contact Gym, and Gracie Barra Hong Kong. Thank you for your support.

Lastly, we would like to personally thank all volunteer referees of this event. Overall, we believe without a doubt that the standard of refereeing was the highest yet in Hong Kong. Thank you again so much to Silvio Braga, Rodrigo Caporal, Makoto Aramaki, Adam Clarke, Taki, Daniel Charles, Thomas of Kylin (sorry, forgot your last name, but everyone knows who you are, haha), and Henry Chan.

Once again, congratulations and thanks to all, and we hope to see you again on the 4th of September for the Copa 6 No-gi competition, as well as the conclusion of the white and blue belt absolute categories to be named at a later date.


Kowloon BJJ & the COPA 5 Organizational Team

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