Friday, August 27, 2010

Tai Kung Pao 大公報 Article on BJJ 巴西柔術


The competition was organized by Kowloon BJJ and held in Western Sports Park Shueng Wan Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong competitors, there were also competitors from Brazil, USA and Japan. The competition was divided into white belt and blue belt categories with 10 different weight divisions.

BJJ is descended from Judo. In early 19th century, Japan Judo master, Maeda Mitsuyo, immigrated to Brazil. Repaying the Gracie family hospitality, he taught the family Judo. The Gracie family became addicted to this martial art. They enhanced and modified it, finally they established their own "Brazilian Jiu -jitsu". Bjj is mainly played on the ground. The object is to control your opponent or use joint locks or choke to win.

The organizer of the event, Takizawa Keisuke, reported that BJJ was only founded in HK 6 to 7 years,However, from increasing gyms membership and the references in pop-culture such as movies, it has become an up and coming martial art in HK. The competition is held every year to support the growth of the communication between the BJJ gyms in HK. He also mentioned that the teams will be competing in overseas at the end of year.

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