Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schedule for Takifestival

4pm - 5.30pm General Socializing

6pm - Official Ceremony 
  • Introduction of Honored Guests
  • Photo Taking (kinda like a wedding) Leaders should wear something decent for the pics and also all members may bring a nice gi for picture taking.
  • Speeches and Toasting
  • Official announcing of the new blackbelt and official belt ceremony
  • Food: Finger food provided by catering
  • Drink: Wine and Beer

From 4 - 7pm is free but staying after 7pm is 250HKD per head, kids free

7pm - 9pm  Game for kids and food
  • Sumo wrestling tournament
  • Kids Games
  • Punisher does kids games
  • Food: Pizza
  • Drink: Jungle Juice, Wine and Beer

9pm Serious Drinking begins etc (Only Wine and Beer before 9pm)

  • Punisher comes out with the punishment for adults only.  Kids must leave by 9pm
  • Drink: Jungle Juice, Wine Beer and the Rest

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