Friday, June 10, 2011

Takifestival and Grand Opening Roundup

 Thanks to everyone who helped at the opening party.  It was a pretty epic party with lots of fun and games.  The punisher and friend put on a magic show, there was a sumo wrestling contest, and a tuna cutting demonstration!

  • Thanks to the punisher and friend for the epic magic show 
  • Thanks to Kei and is boss for organizing the Tuna cutting demonstration
  • Thanks to Kubo-san and his wife for coming all the way down from Japan
  • Thanks to Venessa and all the rest who brought cake
  • Thanks to Jacky for helping to organize the catering and food
  • Thanks to Chelsea for making the jello shots, buying party supplies and organizing the games
  • Thanks to Gus for bringing celebs
  • Thanks to Tom for creating the timeline and getting ice etc
  • Thanks to Henry for being the MC
  • Thanks to everyone who helped cleanup, keep the beer cold etc 

Here, I would like to add more thanks to the people who helped for setting-up of the new gym, which I (Taki) would like all members to know…

-        Donnie, his wife, his mother, and his staffs, spent a lot of time to set up the gym. Almost all of the jobs were done in free…
-        Nobu WAKAMIYA, a business partner/boss of Kei, kindly donated wall mirrors and a whole Tuna fish from Japan.
-        Tom, Kei, Kojima,Matthew, helped installing mats, sometimes till midnight….
-        Awa, kindly helped all designing jobs such as making banner designs.
-        Adam, kindly gave us a financial support (big pre-pay).
-        Party committee?, Matthew, Forrest, Chelsea, Awa, Jacky, Henry for organizing a great party.  
-        All members who helped for moving, cleaning-up. Team-work is the strength of our club.

We received donations from 
  • Mr.Iwami, Mr.Kubo-san
  • Mr.Hasegawa (magazine writer)
  • Mr.Yamada (Shanghai Alavanca BJJ). 
 When you see them somewhere, please say hi.

Media Coverage:陳德森三部新片等霆鋒演.html陳德森開戲預埋霆鋒_n483587.htm

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  1. hi I want to try BJJ but will regular training break my bones accidentally? thanks...