Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New BJJ Fundamentals Class

There will be a new class targeted at BJJ fundamentals. 

What:  The class will consist of working on fundamental BJJ and fundamental BJJ movements.  The focus of the class will not be on advanced techniques but how to correctly execute fundamental techniques, positions and movements.  There will be no cardio training or hard warmup

Why: BJJ Fundamentals are important techniques and movements that every BJJ player needs to know. Examples would be closed guard, 1/2 guard, fundamental passing guard, basic throwing techniques, triangle from guard, armbar from guard , kimura from guard.

Who: This class is aimed primarily at inexperienced BJJ players but everyone is welcome to join

Where: KLN BJJ Gym

When: Saturdays 3-4pm, directly after kids class, if there is enough demand in future a second class will be scheduled on Sundays

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