Monday, July 25, 2011

Taiwan 2011 Roundup

KLN BJJ took 10 competitors to the Taiwain BJJ Comp 2011.  It was a very well run and professional event.  KLN BJJ took the second place trophy in the team standing for the gi event.   Thanks to everyone who supported the team.  Thanks to everyone who took video, especially Henry and Lucas.  Also thanks to Kojima for being the team cheerleader.  Below is a summary with pictures and videos.

Taki - took silver in both the heavy weight gi and absolute no-gi losing to a much bigger opponent each time.

Kojima - didnt make weight (4kg over) but competed in the gi absolute KLN BJJ swept 1st and 2nd place.

Matthew - won weight gi division and swept the absolute with Kojima and took silver in the no-gi weight class

Yan Yan Yan- took second place in his weight division gi

Fei - took second place in the gi absolute and 3rd place in his weight division

Ken - took first place in his weight division

Henry - had two tough fights in his weight division gi and no-gi

Vincent - had a tough fight in his weight division won two fights in the absolute losing to teamate Fei in the absolute

Lucas - had a tough fight in his weight division but had a sweet armbar in the absolute.  Lucas didnt make weight but went outside ran around in the sun like man then made weight

Full results:

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