Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art of War 14, 26/Sep/09 - Pics

With Andy Wang

Famous Silva

AOW14 Opening - Gus the comissioner
Prof. Ikuta
G Men
Tom and Jerry
Royce Gracie and Ralph Gracie

On 26th, a big group (18 members) from KLN BJJ went to Macau to watch AOW14, cheering our friends Vaughn and Andy from Taiwan BJJ.

It was an exciting event with lots of fun! Moreover, we have met the "legend" Royce Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Wndarei Silva and Bass Rutten. Royce and Ralph were especially nice guys and had nice talking in the party afterwards. He is going to Philippines and Thailand for seminar in a month. For details, check out
Thanks Gus for making the event come true!!!

Also, today is the last day for Prof. Ikuta to train with us. Dun miss it!!

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