Friday, September 4, 2009

Prof. Ikuta's seminar 2009

*** Seminar charge is HKD150, not HKD 200. I will correct the mistake soon, thanks ******

Guys, good news!!! Prof. Ikuta is confirmed to come and teach us from 25th till 27th. We are planing to have his classes as follows :

25th, Sep, 09 (Fri) - Special BJJ class, 19:30 at KLN BJJ (We do GI only this Friday)

26th, Sep, 09 (Sat) - 11:30AM to 15:30 (Open mat with Ikuta san)/Art of war viewing tour to Macau. KLN guys, lets go together. We have a training arrangement with Taiwan BJJ and Macau BJJ as well. Rickson Gracie is also scheduled to attend!!!

27th, Sep, 09 (Sun) - 14:00 to 17:00 (Prof. Ikuta's Open Seminar)

Conditions :
* KLN BJJ Members are free to attend all above lessons.
* Visitors attending Prof. Ikuta's class is HKD150/drop in.
* For details and questions, please email to

Special thanks to Awa for making the poster!!

See you on the mat.

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