Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seminar Report: Professor Makoto Ikuta

Professor Ikuta 'the little demon' Makoto vs. Kei 'the tequila nightmare' in a post-fight exhibition pro wrestling match at Art of War 14. Ikuta won via flying helicopter oppai-crusher.

Ikuta vs. Andre Galvao at Copa de Hong Kong 2, April 2008. Photo courtesy of www.bjj-asia.com

September 2009, Professor Ikuta Seminar at Kowloon BJJ. Blurry photo courtesy of Hoin. Note, 2008 Brown-belt Masters Mundial Champion, Makoto Ogasawara can be seen choking child in foreground.

Ikuta winning the 2009 All-Japan BJJFJ Championships

This past weekend has been one heck of a barn-burner for Kowloon BJJ members. First, a great Art of War event Saturday evening, then, with no rest for the wicked, back to the gym for an extended advanced guard techniques seminar by the little Marcelo of Japan, BJJ-Yoda, or whatever nickname you want to give him, Pro. Ikuta.

Professor Ikuta is the owner and head instructor of Trust Jiu-jitsu Academy in Nagoya Japan (http://trustjj.com/). A respected teacher and active competitor, Ikuta recently competed in the 2009 Mundials in California, although falling short of the medal rounds, he fought wonderfully, especially for his first time at an international event of this level.

Within Japan, Ikuta's competition success is well documented and includes a list of tournament wins too long to list here, but a few recent highlights include 1st place in the BJJFJ All-Japan Championships this past April, and 3rd at the Rickson Gracie Cup in June, only losing via advantages to none other than Robson Moura, the legendary 7x Mundial Champion!

When I said an 'extended' seminar on Sunday before, I meant what was supposed to be an unspectacularly long two-hour period initially, went on for nearly five hours! Why? Questions, questions, and more questions by members of which the Professor unceasingly answered enthusiastically as always. The Professor also demonstrated a range of great techniques in detail over his advanced open-guard game that has fought off even the likes of world champs Galvao and Moura in competition!

Off the mat, Ikuta is equally liked and respected for his kind and generous demeanor as well as his laid-back and fun-loving approach to jiu-jitsu and life. Ikuta firmly believes BJJ is a thinking-man's art, and stresses and lectures on the principles behind the details over merely 'copying the moves'. As he says, "Great Jiu-jitsu fighters and players learn to fit techniques to their own unique body types and physical skills, but this can only be done if you understand the principles and purposes of the details. If you don't, you will make errors in your execution and the technique won't work."

We are proud to call Professor Ikuta and his students friends and honorary members for life of Kowloon BJJ. For those interested in future classes with Professsor Ikuta at Kowloon BJJ, please stay tuned to this blog.