Sunday, October 4, 2009

Amatuer Manila Competition Update

Sebastien and Matthew competed in Manila over the weekend winning the gold medal in both the Levi and Medio categories. Sebastein (The Nightmare from Marseilles) fought his way to the gold winning three of his four matches by submission, americana, kimura and armbar.


  1. Excellent!! Thanks for posting this. So proud of you guys!!!!

  2. wow it's great to see the videos aftwhile
    too bad the armbar is not here, it was the most technical submission

    I've got a pb with the plane on the evening, 6 hours late I arrived in HKIA at 4h30am...

    Anyway it was good, many thanks to Matthew for the coaching, videos and good time in Manila!


  3. Man, the picture of Sebastien with his gi top open is scary. I'm scared. Help....