Monday, October 5, 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Blackbelt classes starting this week!

Atos BJJ Blackbelt, Rodrigo Caporal, pictured above, recently competing in the finals of the blackbelt division of the FBT Open in Bangkok. Photo courtesy of BJJ-ASIA.

Starting this week, Atos BJJ Blackbelt, Professor Rodrigo Caporal of Sao Paulo Brazil, will be teaching 2 times per week at Kowloon BJJ. Great news for everyone as the Professor comes from a gym which had 5 medalist in the blackbelt division alone of the 2009 Mundials! How's that for training partners, mentors and great teachers from which to develop and hone your skills? For a touch of the 'Atos' style, make sure to come in and train as often as you can with the Professor while he is in Hong Kong!

Training times will be the same, but the days on which the Professor will teach may change, so stay tuned to this blog for any last minute training updates and schedule changes. We hope we won't have any (fingers crossed), but you never know.

Below is the current schedule and drop-in fee for non-monthly members:

NO-GI Friday Class Change (drop-in $200):
Prof. Rodrigo will be teaching the No-Gi class on Fridays from now until further notice. This class is provided to regular members at no extra cost. However, the drop-in fee for Friday will be increased to $200 per class in order to cover the Professor's instructional fee. Remember, KLN-BJJ is a not-for-profit gym, so when we raise prices, it is only because we really have NO CHOICE! Sorry. For those only paying via drop-in, please consider becoming regular monthly members if you would like to attend the blackbelt courses.

With Gi Training (drop-in $200):
For this week only (7 Oct.), Prof. Rodrigo will come for the Wednesday night class. After this week(12 Oct. & beyond), he will be instructing the Monday night class, and Wednesday will remain a Beginner's/BJJ-basics Class. Fees for drop-in will be the same as for NO-GI, as explained above.

It also needs to be noted that the blackbelt classes will be covering more intermediate and advanced level techniques geared towards color belts. Experienced whitebelts will benefit from this class, but fresh beginners may find themselves a bit lost and feel the techniques are too advanced at times. We are not trying to discourage beginner's from coming; All members are always welcome to come to all classes at KLN-BJJ. Some classes will just be more suitable for different levels. So please come, but just know that special attention cannot be given to beginners for intermediate and advanced classes.

To find out more about the Professor's Team in Brazil, Atos Jiu-jitsu, check out this article on the Fightworks Podcast:

Who is Atos Jiu-jitsu?

Thank you and see you on the mat!

KLN-BJJ Management

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