Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Campeonato Asiatico - by CBJJE in Nov, Japan

There will be 1st Asian BJJ open by CBJJE (Used be CBJJO) in Japan, November.
CBJJE is mainly organised by Nova Uniao and its the 2nd biggest BJJ federation in the world.

Excellent thing about the organisation is they will provide cash prizes for color belt absolute tournament. Sounds more professional than other competitions around. Also, by entering the tournament, you can get free ID from CBJJE.

Anyway, following is the details and link you can study more about the comp. If you need some help on registration etc... speak to Taki or Kei.

Date : 2009, 11, 29 (SUN)
Start : from 9AM
Venue : Aichiken Budokan, 1-1-4, Maruike cyo, Minato ku, Nagoya 455-0078 , Japan
Fees : 5,000 yen for 1 cat, 7,000 yen for cat + Absolute

CBJJE : http://www.cbjje.com.br/
Comp Link : http://www.tani-team.jp/index2.htm (In Japanese)

Prizes :
Black belt absolute : 100,000yen
Brown belt absolute : 30,000yen
Purple bet absolute : 30,000yen
Blue belt absolute : 30,000yen

by Butterfly

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