Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taki won the RICKSON GRACIE CUP - 2009

KLN Members, excellent news!!!

Taki won Rickson Gracie cup today in his weigh division. He also won Dumau Cup in this May, today was his 5th big titles in his brown belt Carrier.

We should be very proud of training with him. Let's have a big party when we get back to HK.
See you on the mat on Wednesday!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What do you get the man who has everything? Answer: Hair.

In celebration of Ariel and Maggie's upcoming engagement party, one altruistic KLN-BJJ member will graciously donate their hair to our folically-challenged blue-belt: Ariel.

Holding back a virtual tsunami of tears, Ariel had only one thing to say about this bounteous gift, "My whole life, or, that is, since the balding got out of control, I've dreamed of this moment. I mean, to give someone an organ, like a heart shows immense goodwill, but hair, that is like giving someone your very soul. I really don't know what to say. (sob, sob, weep, weep, baby-sob)"

In anticipation of this momentous occasion, I've taken the liberty to post a few potential donor samples, being Kei, Andre, Mike, Aston (a.k.a. Switchblade), Marcio's blond friend, my daughter Erika, and, my favorite, Kei's mom. Just for kicks, I put the pictures together into a little educational matching game the can be printed off and played at home with the kids, grandma, or anyone that likes games for that matter. Enjoy!

Training at Academia Az

"Samulime" went to train with Wado san (Leo Viera's black belt and Taki's master) and Brad yesterday. It was a very good class with many technical players.

If you have a chance, please visit!!
Posted by Kei

Campenato Impakt - Official Results

1. Lau Kwok Ming (HK JJ)

2. Thomas (KLN BJJ)


1. Hubert Ling (KONTACT)

2. Eagle (GB HK)


1. Leung (HK JJ)

2. Gary (HK JJ)


1. Leland Lim (KONTACT)

2. George (HK JJ)


1. David Faver (GB HK)

2. Ng Wai Fung (HK JJ)


1. Victor (Kylin BJJ)

2. Vince (KLN BJJ)


1. Ken (KLN BJJ)


1. Marcus (GB HK)

2. Leung (HK JJ)

Blue :

Levi1. Luis (Macau BJJ)

2. Daniel (KONTACT)


1. Nicholas LeConte (M.A.R.C)

2. Brian (GB HK)


1. Graham (Kylin BJJ)

2. Chang Ming Pang (HK JJ)


1. Bryan Wynn (Macau BJJ)

2. Jo Bernie (KONTACT)


1. Dean Thompson (Kylin BJJ)


1. Bryan Wynn (Macau)

2. Nicholas LeConte (M.A.R.C)

Thursday, June 18, 2009



The venue of 'COPA DE IMPAKT' on coming Sunday 21st June changed.

New Venue : SCAA (South China Athletic Association)
South China Judo Club
Date : 21st June 2009
Weigh in : 13:00 PM
Start time : 14:00 PM

As the number of competitors increased more than expected (more than 60 people), so I requested SCAA (I was a Judo coach of SCAA before) to help and they agreed to let us use the venue just because of their friendship and goodwill to us.

Needless to say, we need to use the venue properly, never break or damage their property, make sure to clean up after use, never leave any litter, and please keep your eyes watch on other club members too. We must not give them any bad impression on jiujitsu. I need all of your guys` help.

Unlike last CopaDeHongkong1&2, I won`t spend much time for referee or management, because I want to cheer our members. You don`t need to be nervous. As I always said 'win or lose' is not a matter at all. Just enjoy games and show same moves as you did during practices.

Sad news, Hara-san, a.k.a. "Mr.WONDERFUL", will leave Hongkong to station at his company Tokyo office on 27th June. We will have a farewell dinner for him after the competition. Please everyone join. Forrest, please tell the punishers to join too.

Taki, Chores manager of KLNBJJ

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why we train

KLN-BJJ: Respect, focus, and most importantly -- friendship!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Gym: a queer's universe...

I believe I can fly!!!

Austin Ave, big deal fire!!!

We can have no more "Beijing Noodle" on Austin Ave!!

After the training session last night, there was a fire incident just in front of our gym. Luckily no one was injured but guys, the fire was from the Beijing Noodle place, bad news for KLN BJJ noodle lovers, haha.

P.S. Paul, I guess you were not there last night, were you??
See you on the mat!

Posted by Kei

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tap's Tips:
Arm-baring outside the gym

In the gym, even the best BJJ armbar’ers experience problems. Outside the gym, these problems can translate into disaster. Knowing what to do and doing it quickly can avert outside-the-gym-armbar headache. Whether your outside-the-gym-armbar problem is hostile receivers, annoying police intervention, dangerously uneven ground, disease, or pesky field mice running up your legs, someone else has experienced it and there is probably a solution or two.

Hostile Receivers
There are no problem-proof armbars, so mix that in with a hostile receiver, and, well, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. When receivers are scared or pissed off, they cause problems. So the solution lies in reassuring them that the pain and humility will all be over soon. Firstly, always get consent before performing your outside-the-gym-armbar. Nothing can rattle an emotionally tipsy receiver like a surprise, and in their mind, unwarranted attack. So take the time to get their permission first in a non-threatening way.

Annoying police intervention
Police come 99% of the time because people call them. People call police for two reasons: they're scared or extremely pissed off. Armbar wisely by choosing willing and trustworthy takers and by notifying potential onlookers of your actions. These easily executed prevention measures can go a long way in keeping dial-happy observers from making that overreacting distress call

Dangerously uneven ground
More than one armbar lover has fallen off a hill, rooftop or airplane wing executing an armbar on a precarious surface. The obvious solution is to move to a safer location. But, when that is not an option, a strap or harness is the extreme armbarer’s best friend. High quality ones can be purchased online for cheap through many skydiving outlets. It’s best to test out a model firsthand before buying. If you have a shop in your area, take the time to discuss with them your outside-the-gym-armbar needs, and they can generally set you up with the equipment required to execute your armbar safely.

Diseases such as AIDS, gangrene or leprosy can often scare away the potential armbarer. Don’t let it. Knowledge is the cure in this case. Do a quick search online about the potential dangers of armbaring an individual with the above ailments. If that doesn’t quell your worries, consult a physician. Let it be known that several leprosy sufferers have been active in the BJJ community for years without a single case of spreading their disease through armbars.

Pesky field mice running up your legs
This is one problem in which an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Fitting your pant legs with Velcro straps will seal off openings that mice use. Elastic straps sewed permanently onto the pants is another more expensive but professional solution.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for more Tap’s tips for simple solutions to your common BJJ problems. Until then, have fun and be safe. YAAAAAAARRR!!!

PHOTO: The Punisher performs a safe and sane outside-the-gym-armbar on Kim Jong Ill, a willing and happy recipient.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portrait of a KLN-BJJ Member: Mike, a.k.a. Lazy-Mike

Imagine yourself entering the Spartan walls of the little green Kowloon Brazilian jiu-jitsu club. After passing through a wafting haze of sweat and dirty-man smells, you notice something on the ground almost lifeless. What is that? You ask yourself. A heavy bag left unhung? A pile of clothes? Vomit? No, you realize as the form on the floor suddenly begins to move and take shape, slowly raising its head to an ear-to-ear grin. Yep, you say, it’s Mike, or as he’s better known in Hong Kong BJJ circles: Lazy Mike. And let’s just say that he didn’t get that name for nothing.

Nonetheless, being a fervent BJJ practitioner of over seven years, don’t let the nickname fool you. Yes, he might be lazy, possibly even the laziest man on the face of the Earth, next to “The Dude” of the Cohen brother's film, The Big Lebowski, but a man of his experience can be like a deceptive opossum waiting to strike when the time is right, or, at least, when he eventually wakes up.

Upon interviewing the subject of this week’s edition of our ‘a portrait of a KLN-BJJ member’, this reporter had but one answer to uncover: how can a man be so lazy yet be so successful in not only BJJ but life as well? I would find the answer elusive and impossible to pin down. But one thing was clear, ‘lazy’ is more than just a simple and fleeting adjective for this guy, it’s a way of life. Or as Mike likes to say: A Lazy Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle.

KLN-Reporter: Sorry, Mike, could you wake up for a second and answer a few questions for the fans?

Mike: (Rubbing his eyes) Uh, sorry, what? Where am I? Did I fall asleep in the gym again? Shit. I can’t remember. Who are you?

KLN-Reporter: I’m a reporter with the KLN-BJJ Blog. Remember? I talked to you yesterday about having an interview?

Mike: (In a sleepy voice) Uh…(big sigh), oh yeah. Now I remember. You wanted to ask me some…(snores).

KLN-BJJ: Are you asleep again? (lightly shaking him)

Mike: Uh, oh, sorry. Yeah, questions. No problem. Please ask. Man I’m tired.

KLN-BJJ: OK, I better make this quick. So what originally brought you to BJJ?

Mike: Hmm, well, I originally tried kickboxing, but you gotta stand up all the time when you do it which really sucks. I don’t like to stand. Then I saw some video of a guy beating another guy in a fight completely from his back. I couldn’t believe it. How could you just lie on the ground and beat someone up? The announcers kept saying how the guy was a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black-belt. I had never even heard of jiu-jitsu before then, so I immediately, well after a nap that is, started looking for a jiu-jitsu school. Luckily, there was one next door to my house, or I probably would have given up my search in like a minute or so.

KLN-BJJ: Great story. You were lucky. So you mentioned fighting off your back. So I take it you tend to favor the guard over top position?

Mike: Yeah, that’s right. Actually, I only tried the top position once in a competition. The guy was stalling from the bottom so I decided to take a quick nap and hoped he might tire out by the time I woke up. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t work. He realized I was asleep so he rolled me over and swept me and ended up beating me by just two points. From then on, I vowed to never take the top position again.

KLN-BJJ: (laughs) Great story. I also noticed that you never seem to wear a belt. Why is that?

Mike: I don’t believe in belts. I mean what is a belt anyway? Just a color really. Besides, I fell asleep on the bus last year and someone stole my bag with my belt in it. I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet. But I’m a purple belt by the way.

KLN-BJJ: So what is your favorite position?

Mike: Well, it used to be the sleeper hold, but then I realized what a crappy move it is because it’s your opponent that gets to sleep and not actually you. But, whatever’s easiest really. I don’t care. Oh, and from the guard too. Remember, I don’t get on top.

KLN-BJJ: So in terms of BJJ, what does the future hold for Lazy Mike?

Mike: Well, I’ve been trying to develop a series of moves from the guard that can be performed while being completely asleep. So far nothing’s worked because, well, I’m asleep at the time and can’t tell, but nothing worthwhile is easy, right?

KLN-BJJ: That’s right. Good luck with that. A set of moves like that could completely change the face of BJJ forever. So, my last question is…uh, hello. Mike? Shit. He fell asleep again. Well, I guess that concludes the interview. Thanks, Mike, I guess. And good luck I suppose.

Mike: (snoring loudly with bits of drool beginning to form on his lips)

PHOTO: Mike (foreground) pictured asleep in the arms of former partner Kei. They have since broken up but still remain close friends to this day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Campeonato Impakt - Intra Club Competition


Just to remind you that we will be having the Hong Kong intra-club competition as scheduled on the 21st of June. If you haven't signed up on the entry form in the gym yet, please speak to Kei or Taki. This is a perfect opportunity for beginners to understand what BJJ competition is like It's a friendly competition as well, so there's no pressure. Everyone should feel free to participate.

From last Sat.


Daikichi's boxing

Street king

See you on the mat.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Young Dragons and Marcio in Sao Paulo

Introducing our new members.
These "Young Dragons" are the future black belts from KLN BJJ!!!


Big Ken

Small Ken




Marcio is now in Sao Paulo, where his home town is, and he is training at Macako Gold Gym with Luiz Azeredo. He told me that the is going to "Alliance" tomorrow!!!
Dude, how luck you are!! Make sure to bring back good techniques for us. Have a great trip!!

See you on the mat!
Kei "Butterflinah" Kita

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jens's last day at KLN in Spring 09

Last practice day of Jens. He is leaving Hongkong for a while, but webelieve the 'viking' will be back soon!

Posted by Taki

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