Monday, August 26, 2013

Copa de Hong Kong 2013

All of competitors did a very great job! And Congratulation of all WINNERS!


White Belt Males
Elton Chan            - Bronze in weight
Pavel Satskiy         - Silver in weight
Ivan Tsui               - Bronze in weight
Ka Po                   - Gold in weight
Daniel Chan          - Silver in weight

White Belt Females
Sindy Yip              - Bronze in weight and Silver in absolute

Blue Belt Males
Ken To                  - Gold in weight
Douglas Chau         - Silver in weight
Oilver Lam             - Gold in weight
Tom Crawford        - Silver in weight
Johnny Wang          - Bronze in weight
Father Joe              - Silver in weight

Purple Belt Males
Gus Liem               - Silver in weight

Kids, Juniors and Youths
Banjamin Kearns    - Gold in age
Sam Liem               - Gold in age and Gold in Junior absolute
Kenta Hattori         - Silver in age
Micheal Lau           - Bronze in age and Bronze in Junior absolute
Iky                         - Gold in age
Kobe                     - Silver in age
Campbell               - Bronze in age
Eiji Takizawa         - Gold in age
Roger                    - Silver in age
Keita Hasegawa    - Bronze in age
Ivy                         - Gold in age
Hitoshi Takizawa    - Silver in age

Friday, August 23, 2013

24th August, 2013
Copa de Hong Kong 2013 (Holding by KLNBJJ)