Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am pleased to announce that I asked Gus to wear purple belt last night.

As everyone knows,  he is one of the original members since we opened up KLNBJJ more than 7 years ago. Though he got injured at his knee badly and had been away from training for long time, finally he defied it, kept doing boring rehab works all the time, and nowadays trains really hard every single day, and you know, he is a very competent grappler.

As everyone feel so, I am so proud of having you in our team, Gus.

We have quite a few of white belts who have improved themselves enough to compete at blue belt competition.
I just would like them to take more experiences. because once you promoted to blue belt, you cannot come back to white.
There are lots of experiences you can obtain while you are white.

Pursuing this martial arts is like a polishing a rugged stone into diamond.
in the beginning, everyone just try to beat down the opponent with relying on its power or physical strength.
but later everyone will be able to make smooth moves and be capable of subduing opponent without power.  
every time you train, you can make your jiujitsu a little better, which you may not notice, but it certainly does.  
so you do not need to rush, believe in yourself and believe in the team, just please keep training.

I talked with Macau BJJ, prof Daniel Charles the other day, when he started training Jiujitsu when he was 16 at the prominent Nova Uniao,
there were more than 30 black belts. Training at such environment was really tough, but great experience he said.
This is the strength of long-established gym, I want us to be like that. In 10 years, I wish everyone will get black belt.