Monday, May 31, 2010

Upcoming Chances to Compete


2nd Korean National Open 'JJ Championship' (HK)

Date: June 11

Venue: Seoul


Aichi Open De JiuJiujitsu

Date:25th July

Venue:Aichi prefecture (near Nagoya), Japan.・ア・ソ・・


Dumau Grappling League / Dumau JiuJitsu Championship

Date:15th Aug (Sun)

Venue:(Saitama Kenritsu Budokan)About 50-70km away from Tokyo・ア・ソ・・


Japan Asian Open

Date:11-12 September

Venue: Tokyo


Dumau Open JiuJitsu Championship

Date: 3rd Oct (Sun)

Venue: Aichi prefecture, Japan (Nagoya area) (Aoyama Budokan) ・ア・ソ・・

Gunma Open Jiujitsu Tournament

Date: 10th Oct

Venue:Gunma Prefecture (100km away from Tokyo..) ・Q・n・ァ・ノ・ィ・・・s・E(Isezaki Shimin Plaza) ・ア・ソ・・

Thailand Open Oct

Date: 24-25 October 2010

Venue: Bangkok Thailand


Indonesian Submission Championships

Date: 20 Nov

Veneu: Jakarta

Campeonato Asiatico CBJJE 2010

Date: 21st Nov (Sun)

Venue: TBC ・ア・ソ・・



Date: 12th Dec 2010 (Sun)

Venue: TBC ・ア・ソ・・


Date:26th Dec 2010

Venue: TBC

Abu Dhabi Pro trial

Date: in Nov or Dec 2010

Venue: in Shanghai

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Purple Belt

Last night Taki awarded Forrest his purple belt. With his wife and daughter in attendance and almost moved to tears Forrest thanked everyone for helping him acheive his purple,"I couldnt do it without you guys." Forrest got his purple after three years of hard training and winning the blue belt absolute in the Phillipines Pan Asia tournament. Forrest has dedicated himself to BJJ although having to commute over and hour each way to get to the gym. He is known in the gym for his physical strength, toriano pass and encyclopedic knowledge of BJJ. He started BJJ at somewhere near 90-100kg but has dedicated himself and cut down to 78kg at last weighing. Congradulations Forrest you are a inspiration to us all!

Yeah we take belt whipping seriously, look at the bald headed freak windup

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holiday training schedule

21st of May is a public holiday so there will be no regular class!!

However, we have an open training session from 15:00 to 18:00.
We can train both Gi and No Gi. Bring whichever you feel like.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belt Promotion and Celebration Saturday

Per Taki there will be a belt promotion and celebration after the Phillipines tournament on Saturday May 22 2010. So get your belt whipping arm warmed up and get ready for more BJJ.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pan Asian 2010 Tournament Rundown

Here is the tournament rundown as best I can remember sorry if i get anything wrong or have mislabeled any of the videos.

The tournament took place at the SM Mall of Asian, apparently the third biggest mall in the world. The first day it was held out doors in a covered area but was hot with direct sunlight on the mats (but not all the time, just when you were competing so it could shine directly into your eyes, haha). By the end of the first day we were all exhausted and dehydrated. Many of us had to wait around 7 hours for our first match. Unfortunately, because we were not allowed to weigh in until right before our first match, those that were close to weight had a particularly difficult time. I believe the final match ended at around 8:30pm or so.

On the second day, the no-gi event was held inside the mall but it was still extremely hot with direct sunlight on the mats. This was because the mats were located beneath a glass roof and the sun was directly overhead shining through the glass (but still VERY hot) onto the mat area. This made the situation very uncomfortable and had many wishing we were back outside instead, lol.

There were 250-275 competitors the first day and the second about half of that. There were also hundreds of public spectators watching out of interest. The Philippine people really do love martial arts competitions and having the support from the crowd made one feel like they were in an even bigger event. Big props to the locals. They even had a children's and adolescent category in the competition, lets get jack, anthony and yoyo ready for the next one!. The competition was well prepared in some areas but in other areas there is a lot of room to grow. The waiting time for our first match on the first day was probably the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in the future. Being out in the heat for seven hours waiting for your first match was really de-motivating for many people. Many of us really had a hard time getting our heads into the game for the first match. Nonetheless, the competition staff worked hard, were very friendly, and did their best to accommodate any problems the fighters had.

Kowloon BJJ did make an impact, infact I had guys coming and asking me where Sebastien was, he competed last year in October in phillipines. Congratulations to all who competed and special thanks to Fion, Matt's girlfriend for taking video and watching our bags! All in all it was a good weekend with excitement and drama but most of all great fun. I encourage all Kowloon BJJ members to start preparing for the next one. Let's go and have fun together!

Individual Results:

Forrest -> had 6 matches lost in the first round in weight category but came back to tear through and win the absolute. He sustained a bruised and cut eye and lip through five fights for the Gold. He scared his opponents and no one showed up in his weight class the second day

Absolute Final com/watch? v=2jz1LuWgfi4&feature=player_ embedded
Semi-Final com/watch? v=5Jp3L9FTWRs
Quarter-Final com/watch? v=gdv0n53NGb com/watch? v=wPjhAg1YLOA com/watch? v=q5LfBEAXob0 com/watch? v=abagVEulaR0

Aki -> had two matches, lost to a very muscular judo girl who was much bigger than her but came back to win the Absolute, she didnt fight the second day com/watch? v=ybpAIdP9mBY com/watch? v=6EkvSMT6KAM

Hoin -> had four matches two against a bigger brown belt masquerading as a purple belt but fought proudly and with honor. He tapped out a guy from bangkok BJJ (Mark Simmerman). He fought taki on the second day. com/watch? v=utl_RWf- L2M

Leo -> had two matches and lost to bigger opponents, unfortunately there was no one his size to fight him but he fought hard as usual.

Taki -> had two matches, won first by advantage beating the same guy who beat forrest the day earlier then fought hoin. He almost tapped out to the local food via diarrhea submission. Taki only compete the second day he scared all the other competitors away the first day.

Matt Wise -> had 8 matches, He finished is first opponent in 57 seconds, choke from the back, watch out for this kid. Although he didnt get a medal he fought hard and did very well for his first tournament. com/watch? v=T2O7jcbaREk com/watch? v=XOeSp2g4UsY com/watch? v=QN5FR-bkaHs

Matthew -> Got two Bronze and a gold in no-gi medio-pessado. Matthew should have rightfully won his semi-final match by ankle-lock, but he was wrongly informed by another referree that the straight ankle-lock was allowed for the competition. However, the fighters were never directly told that during the referree and coaches meeting, all foot and leg locks were not allowed at bluebelt level. Nonetheless, the referree for Matthews match initially awarded Matthew the win, but due to protest from the losing competitor's team, the win was revoked and his opponent was awarded the win. This lead to a huge controversy in which the referrees were considering throwing out the entire absolute division leaving nobody with a medal. Eventually, it was decided that the ankle lock would be forgotten and the match would continue with 55 seconds left and the original points standing. Unfortunately, Matthew then lost by points and was left with third place. Just a big mess really with Matthew getting a bad deal.

But it must be said that despite the controversy above, the referring was some of the best, if not THE best I have seen in area so far. We were quite fortunate to have two bjj blackbelts in Steve and Anthony as referres as well as others that did a good job. Referring is a thankless job that always goes unappreciated when it shouldn't.

Uncle Ben-> although Ben is training at another gym at the moment he is still a quasi member. He showed up and fought and partied like only "Uncle Ben" can, seriously ask him about the midget boxing. For his warrior spirit, Ben received a first place medal in the gi master's division (over 35 years of age)

Finally, we would like to thank all the staff, organizers and fellow competitors of the competition. Thank you all for a great weekend and hope to see you again next year. OSU!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OFFCIAL RESULT FROM GUS (Thanks for your effort!)

DATE : 08/May/2010
Venue : Western Park, Shengwan, HK

Saito (Trust JJ) v Chris (Canada)
Saito wins 0-0 by refs decision

Pelle (Team Quinton) v Dan (Taiwan BJJ)
Pelle wins 2(3) - 0

Alex (Team Quinton) V Gabe (KLN)
Gabe was leading 6-2(1) when he finished with collar choke from back

Nishi (KLN BJJ) V Max (Team Quinton)
Nishi wins 12(4) - 0(2)

Jackie (KLN BJJ) v Pelle (Team Quinton)
Pelle wins 8(1) - 0

Awa (KLN BJJ) v Dan (Taiwan BJJ)
Awa leading 4-0 when he wins by collar choke from back

Anson (KLN BJJ) v Jerry (Team Quinton)
Jerry wins 13-2 to 2-1

Martin "the takedown machine" (KLN BJJ) v Alex (Team Quinton)
Martin wins 10-2

Max (Team Quinton) v Ryan (KLN BJJ)
Ryan leading 6(1)-2 when he finishes with kimura

Andre (KLN BJJ) v Saito (Trust JJ)
Andre wins when Saito is disqualified for an illegal outside hook

Andre (KLN BJJ) v Saito II (Trust JJ)
Andre leading 2-0 with Saito finishes by armbar from guard, transitioning from triangle

Awa (KLN BJJ) v Jerry (Team Quinton)
Awa wins 9-1 to 3-1

Nishi (KLN BJJ) v Saito (Trust JJ)
Saito wins 2(4)-0

Max (Team Quinton) v Andre (KLN BJJ)
Andre leading 2-0 when he finishes by armbar

Spencer (KLN BJJ) v Matt (KLN BJJ)
Matt leading 9(2)-0 when he wins by armbar from mount

Jerry (Team Quinton) v Ryan(KLN BJJ)
Ryan wins 7-1 to 1-1

Good work guys!!
Watch movies in previous post.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Ikuta-san Seminar and Anniversary Party Roundup

The Ikuta-san Seminar and anniversary party were a great success. We are very grateful to Ikuta-san to come and show us great techniques and jiu-jitsu philosophy. He should inspire us all to work hard at jiu-jitsu and become world champions. On saturday many of our white belts competed in a small tournament and made us all proud. The anniversary party was great fun for everyone and the after party was even more fun. Everyone is accounted for and made it home safely. Special thanks to our Taiwan friend for coming and celebrating with us!

May 08 2010 Match Videos

Here are the videos from the Saturday Fights. Thanks to Forrest for taking video!