Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daikichi is fighting on coming Sunday!!!

Guys, our boxing teacher Daikichi is fighting in pro-boxing event on this Sunday!
Lets group up together and cheer him up.

会場:6F Pei Ho Street Municipal Services Bldg, 333 Ki Ling St
Access : Sham Sui Po - Go out from A2 and walk along the street until Ki Lung Street and then turn right

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prof. Ikuta got 2nd place in Abudabi Pro Trial in Japan

Prof Ikuta got 2nd place in The Abudabi Pro traial in Japan today. He fought 6 matches and lost the final by an advantage.... (Showing KLN BJJ patch)

We are very proud of you Ikuta san. See you in May and we will have KLN BJJ's 5th year party together.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Kowloon BJJ Kid's Class!

Not too long ago, Kei, Taki, or someone had the idea to start an informal kids class at Kowloon BJJ on Saturdays before boxing and the open mat. This was mostly as a chance to give the children of current members a try at what 'daddy' so obsessively ran off to do in the evenings. Well, after nearly a year, the original core members are still around and we've even had promotions! Kei and Taki still graciously volunteer their time to lead out little group of 'young dragons', and the kids still continue to impress us. Our two 'kids class' leaders not only pass on effective but safe BJJ techniques to our young team, but also the importance of respect, teamwork, and friendship so inherent in the art.

Anyone interested is more than welcome to come by to observe or participate in any class without appointment. The class is held on Saturdays (except public holidays) from 2-3pm at Kowloon BJJ. For directions and further schedule information, please go to the Kowloon BJJ website

Support kids BJJ!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lee from Trust BJJ won the grappling tour in Japan!! and pics from today

Lee from Trust BJJ won the 1st place in Grappling tour in Japan!!!
(Showing Trust JJ and KLN BJJ's logos)

Today's kids class

Open mat

Sumo Yokozuna (Champ) in 1969 is a member of KLN BJJ

This is Kowloon Jiujiutsu
This is also......
Next big news to be coming up!!!!!
Stay on the green mat.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some sexy BJJ techniques from Kowloon BJJ, Hong Kong star Kojima in this amazing new video. He shows some of his incredible and most secret techniques, including "Deep Rear Naked Choke", the "Bonzai Back", and, as a bonus, a quick standing open-guard pass to knee on belly. Comedy supplied by Taki. Enjoy.

Marcio "the meatgrinder" Ming

Day in and day out. Week after week. There is one face one can always find on the mat (usually smashed flat by some color belt). Marcio "the meatgrinder" Ming's. Resilience, toughness, love of training, friends, family, all-things-Korean, and just overall punishment in general, define this man. A man's man. A whitebelt who keeps on coming back for more. Again returning to the mats, not afraid to take a serious whopping from a higher belt, or 8 or 9 specifically per round. He doesn't care. Because he knows that this is what it takes to truly learn BJJ. One must start at the bottom. The very bottom, and often the bottom of some purplebelt's knee, to rise respectfully up the ranks. And he has proven to us time and time again that he is willing to do this. So, don't give up, Marcio. Never give up. Because someday, you'll also get to proudly look down on some new whitebelt's face, fiery red and squirming in horrid, mind-bending pain from the overwhelming crushing power of your knee, and you will finally know what true happiness is. We guarantee it. Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This past week we had the honor of receiving two distinguished visitors to Kowloon BJJ: purple belts Kojima and Luke. Kojima currently runs the 5-star Jiu-jitsu gym in Shanghai, China, but will be soon relocating to Hong Kong next month on a permanent basis. Luke, better known as BJJ-ASIA Luke, is well known in the local community as the founder and moderator of the SEABJJ blog In addition to his work on his website, Luke is also the owner and manager of Bangkok BJJ in Thailand, a great new academy featuring the ATT BJJ blackbelt, Adam Kayoom. If you are not familiar with, make sure to check it out now, and if you are ever in Bangkok and in need of a BJJ 'fix', make sure to check out the always friendly and respectable Bangkok BJJ.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kojimarl is joining KLN BJJ from April

A good news to KLN BJJ.

Prof. Ikuta's purple belt, Kojimarl is moving to HK and he is joining KLN BJJ team from coming April. We can build up better team and lets go travel around together for the competitions and parties.

- Kojimarl (holding BJJ-ASIA tee)

- Open mat

- PORRA!! Chubby Marcio.

- Open mat 2

- Daikichi VS Pablo (Boxing sparr)

- Fast jab

- Daikichi's boxing class, every Sat 3:00pm~

We will have open mat from 15:00 today. (7th)
Kojimarl and Luke are expected to join.

Saturday Photos

BJJ smile

Shadow jiu-jitsu

Cradle choke--Sebastien; Dramatic commentary--Hoin

Girl Power + Philip

Our Leader

Friday, March 5, 2010

Luke from BKK BJJ

Luke from BKK BJJ A.K.A "Mr. BJJ ASIA" visited KLN BJJ on 4th of March, and shared good pass guard technique with us. Thanks very much for your time and techniques! Lets have drinks again together on Sat.