Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Over Due Update ABD Pro Results

Better late than never here are some video and pics from the Shanghai and Macau ABD Pro trials:

KLN BJJ Results

Shanghai ABD Pro Trials:

Kojima - took gold in the purple absolute
Sindy - Silver in the womens absolute in her first BJJ tournament!
Johnny - Bronze in his weight category

Macau Trials:

Tom - Took gold in weight and absolute White Belt
Taki - Took Silver in Black Belt Absolute
Matthew - Took Gold in Weight Category and shared absolute with Hoin

Monday, September 26, 2011


25th, September, 2011 - Venetial Resourt Hotels

* Novice
1st : Ryan Cheng (HK JJ)

1st : Sean Soclayz (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Awa Ahuen (KLN BJJ)

1st : Andrew Wong Kee (Grips)
2nd : Jordan Roberts (Grips)
3rd : Paulo Ribeiro (Fusion)
3rd : Shun Litavongcharoen (KLN BJJ)

1st : John Skoykles (Grips)
2nd : Tom Crawford (KLN BJJ)

1st : Andy Bachtiar (Grips)
2nd : Yokozuna (KLN BJJ)

1st : Jordan Roberts (Grips)
2nd : Tom Crawford (KLN BJJ)
3rd : John (Grips)

* Advance
1st : Andrew Leone (Nova Union Juggernaut)
2nd : Leo Lui (KLN BJJ)

1st : Rodrigo Caporal (Grips)
2nd : Andy Wang (Taiwan BJJ)

1st : Rodrigo Caporal (Grips)
2nd : Andrew Leone (Nova Union Juggernaut)

3rd : Andy Wang (Taiwan BJJ)
3rd : Leo Lui (KLN BJJ)

1st : Grips
2nd : KLN BJJ
3rd : Nova Union Juggernaut

Weekend copmetition results

ROAD TO ABD PRO IN SOUTH CHINA 24th, Sep, 2011 - Venetian resourt hotel

-62kg/White belt/Female
1st : Hiromi Kaji (HK JJ)
2nd : Simoni Yun (Fusion)
3rd : Hin Tung Li (KLN BJJ)
3rd : Winnie Gu (Hero SH)

-65kg/White belt/Male
1st : Tad Kawakita (Grips)
2nd : Ryan (HK JJ)
3rd : Henry Tong (Kylin JJ)
3rd : Eric Jerusalem (Fusion)

-74kg/White belt/Male
1st : Alessandro Radici (Grips)
2nd : Alan Tek (Fusion)
3rd : Victor Kam (KLN BJJ)
3rd : Diniz Pinhal (Fusion)

-92kg/White belt/Male
1st : Jordan Roberts (Grips)
2nd : Francisco Kim (Grips)
3rd : Lucus (KLN BJJ)

+92kg/White belt/Male
1st : Tom Crawford (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Adrian Webber (Grips)
3rd : Yokozuna (KLN BJJ)

Absolute/White belt/Male
1st : Tom Crawford (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Calvin Chan (Grips)
3rd : Tony Wong (Grips)
3rd : Diniz Pinhal (Fusion)

-65kg/Blue Belt/Male
1st : Andrew Leone (NU Juggernaut)
2nd : Herbert Ling (Grips)
3rd : Max Mak (Fusion)
3rd : Gus Liem (KLN BJJ)

-74kg/Blue belt/Male
1st : Donald Tong (Fusion)
2nd : James Li (Fusion)
3rd : John Hon (Grips)

-83kg/Blue belt/Male
1st : Gabriel Arroyo (Grips)
2nd : Matt Tremblay (Grips)
3rd : Joseph Kovacs (Grips)
3rd : Johny Sigh (Grips)

-92kg/Blue belt/Male
1st : Haruki Adachi (HK JJ)
2nd : John Skoykles (Grips)

+92kg/Blue belt/Male
1st : Marcus Hallow (Fusion)
2nd : Andrew Fung (Grips)

-65kg/Purple belt/Male
1st : Richard Kua (Atos VPF)
2nd : Andy Chan (Kylin)
3rd : Gary Huen (Versus)

-83kg/Purple belt/Male
1st : Matthew (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Douglas Pietrse (Grips)
3rd : Hoin (KLN BJJ)
3rd : Ramiro (Fusion)

Absolute/Purple belt/Male
1st : Matthew (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Hoin (KLN BJJ)
3rd : Richard Kua (Atos VPF)
3rd : Douglas Pietrse (Grips)

Absolute/Black + Brown belt/Male
1st : Rodrigo Caporal (Grips)
2nd : Taki (KLN BJJ)
1st : Grips
2nd : KLN BJJ
3rd : Fusion
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