Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nishi is now Blue Belt!

Taki awarded Nishi "The Dynamite Samurai" his bluebelt after winning in the competition last Sunday.  All though Nishi is a chef and can only train when work allows he has been consistently training for a few years.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday May 2 2011 Holiday Schedule

3pm sparring there will be no regular class at 7.30pm!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

United BJJ Tournament HKBJJ April 24, 2011 Results

Here are the results:

KLN BJJ got the 2nd place in the team standing.  Everyone did a fantastic job and gave it their all.  Thanks to everyone who helped to take video and cheer on their teamates.  Afterwards we partied KLN BJJ style if you missed it then you missed some fun. Lets train hard for the next competition!

Individual Results

Chelsea - Re-injured her knee during a takedown in the opening moments of her first fight but continued even though she was in pain, lost on points.  Fortunately there is no tear and the knee will be ok.

Kojima - 2nd Place Weight Class 1st Place Absolute He lost in the first match of his weight class to the same guy he beat in the final of the absolute, won by arm bar

Awa - 3rd Place Leve Blue Belt (lost on adv points only)

Jacky - Lost in Leve first match but fought well with the mud butt (No Sashimi before comp guys)

Ryan - Lost a close first match in blue belt pluma

Tom - 1st Place Weight Class 2nd Place White Belt absolute

Nishi - 1st Place Weight Class Quarter Finals Absolut.  Nishi choked a much bigger opponent in the absolute division

Yan - Lost close first match

Fai - 2nd Place White Belt Leve.

Ken - Lost a very close first match didnt give up even in bad triangle

Phillip - Fought only absolute gave it his all but lost by armbar

Father Joe - Lost a close first match in Medio White Belt

Watch more videos at\klnbjj

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming HK MMA Show Fight Factory Arena World Muaythai & MMA 2011

Time: Tuesday, May 31 · 6:30pm - 11:30pm

Location: Star Hall, Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Our two friends Quinton and Soisci are fighting, lets go as a group and support them.  Tickets 200 HKD

(MMA) Quinton Arendse (South Africa) vs Ken Cheng (Hong Kong)
Well-known MMA fighter Quinton will take on Ken Cheng a first time MMA fighter, a 70-kg B group of the Hong Kong Muay Thai fighter and a secondary school teacher.

Soisci Porchetta (Italy) vs China Fighter
WPMF World Women Champion Soisci against a Chinese Fighter.

The Karma no-gi absolute is coming on May 8th

The Karma no-gi absolute is coming on May 8th.  It will be absolute one division white - purple belt no-gi.  Everyone should  compete no matter if you compete against a higher belt its good experience.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Holiday Schedule

Easter Holiday Schedule

22nd APRIL FRIDAY     : 15:00PM~ open mat
23rd APRIL SATURDAY : 14:00PM~ kids class
                                           15:00PM~ open mat
24th APRIL SUNDAY     : United Jiujitsu BJJ tournament @ Kolwoon Park
25th APRIL MONDAY   : 15:00PM~ open mat
                                                (from 16:00PM~ Taiwan BJJ guys will join)

We don’t have much time till competition on Sunday, keep your condition well.
On 23rd APRIL (SAT) at open mat, guys who will compete on next day must not train hard.

I am proud of you guys who has been focused for the comp, I don’t think other gyms members trained hard like you. Result is not as important as process here, let’s enjoy competition.

Other guys who will not compete, please come to the venue to cheer them. Teamwork is the strength of KLNBJJ. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dongguan BJJ and Hothree

Old member Hothree visited KLN BJJ on Monday and we also had Octavio from Brazil by way of Dongguan.  Octavio trains with BTT in Brazil and now lives in Dongguan where he and some other Brazilians  guys train.