Sunday, August 21, 2011

KLN BJJ CUP - Vol. 2 / Results and things

Thanks to Henry and Armrock Ltd., for sponsoring for titled competition.
We had a good fun Saturday.

1st place : Big tall, Tom (He showed techniques without using power and weight) - Won HKD1,000 but spent in Siuro bar on same night.

2nd place : Kojima - Won HKD500 but spent more than HKD500 in Siuro bar on same night.

3rd places : Owen and Cobby's dad Joe

There will be Nishi's farewell party week. Lets send the last Samurai back home drunk!!

Love you all.,


Friday, August 12, 2011

Daikichi does it Again

Our boxing instructor 'Daikichi' again wont again!, he won a professional boxing match held in Samoa!! He is now looking for the next opportunity to fight in professional match, it could be in September in Hong Kong!
Once the match is fixed, we will update everyone.

Daikichi's boxing class is held at 17:30 every Sunday, don't miss it.

Monday, August 8, 2011


On 20th AUGUST (SATURDAY) we will hold an intra BJJ competition, KOWLOON CUP 2.
This will be like a rehearsal for coming competitions in September, Abudhabi pro trial Shanghai, Abudabi pro Macau and ADCC Macau.

Date       : 20th AUGUST (SATURDAY)
Time       : 16:30 ~
Venue     : at KLNBJJ
Rule        : IBJJ rule
                  6min / match
                 Handicap system ; Blue belt -10 points, purple – 20points
                 Absolute category.
                We will have women category this time.
Prize        : to be informed.